A powerful addition to the E-Pen&Form products. The E-Pen&Expo captures Notes and lead qualifying information quickly and easily. Then it accurately converts all the information into a data base so you can find, sort or export your information and follow up speedily and effectively.

Capture lead Generation faster

E-Pen&Expo lets you capture contact and lead qualifying information as soon as you receive it. The powerful handwrit­ing recognition enables the conversion of handwriting in typescript.

Predefined fields can be quickly filled by connecting the forms to external data sources, such as databases or Excel lists.

As easy as importing data, captured data can be exported to different Office applications like Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, to databases such as Oracle or MySQL, or directly to applications like Siebel or SAP.

No need to wait until you get back to your office. Use pre-printed forms and your contact's business card to capture with digital pad not only data but actionable information that’s useful to you like:
  • Level of interest
  • Business potential
  • Project start date
  • Preferred follow-up method
  • Even personal information important to building one-on-one relationships

Manage data more effectively

E-Pen&Expo puts you in control of your important lead information with a convenient, functional database.
  • Simplify data capture using your contact‘s business card and pre-printed forms that track key data.
  • Sort Leads to maximize your time investment — spend your time on your hottest leads first.
  • Contact top prospects with E-mail; locate addresses with Mapquest.
  • Easily track results, costs and other details or conduct surveys to build market intelligence using familiar software like Word and Excel.
  • from any browser anytime, anywhere using our fail-safe, private web site.

Advantages of user-designed E-Pen&Forms Software:

  • Fully integrated digital ink capabilities of the Tablet PC provide natural writing on all types of forms, planning and task prioritizing capabilities, setting up and maintaining appointment schedules, and making and tracking daily notes.
  • Digitally capture information during your meetings and conversations, in meetings, on airplanes—anywhere—in your own handwriting.
  • Appointments and tasks can be synchronized with Microsoft® Exchange.
  • Contact information can be synchronized with Microsoft Contact®.
  • Application forms can be synchronized with Excel® table or XML® forms.
  • Exchange data with other applications.
  • Handwritten notes can be searched, converted to text, copied into other applications, synchronized and even e-mailed.
  • Store and make handwritten notes on copies of all your electronic documents—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more—organized and viewable behind customizable tabs.
  • Keyword searching and indexing ensures that you can find any note, appointment, or task in an instant.
  • Built-in wireless communication capabilities of the Tablet PC allow you to share and synchronize information on the go.
  • Just like any paper form, E-Pen&Forms software includes frames for editing (as on an application form) as well as storing and indexing notes and important files. Each frame’s interface is intuitive, with specific instructions for each frame. With the Frames feature, you can:
  • Annotate directly on the application forms.
  • Use the digital highlighter and any color pen to make notes.
  • Quickly locate and retrieve notes and documents with the indexing feat

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