For most business people today, Smartphones are essential tools without which they could not survive. Among other things, Smartphones enable them to carry much more data (contacts, appointments, presentations, etc.), access their company's database, surf the Internet, and, most importantly, send and receive emails while travelling.

Besides all of these benefits, Smartphones have a few drawbacks which are common to all brands and systems. Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, whether with touch screen (HTC) or QWERTY keyboard (Palm Treo), are equally affected.
Data Entry

Typing with the thumbs on little plastic keyboards or writing on a tiny screen with a little stylus is slow, difficult and inconvenient.

Now there is a software solution to this problem. Design Universe used its award winning E-Pen&Forms technology and industry leading expertise to create useful features like "SpeedFilling" and helpful predictive text wordlists. For example, if one starts writing "Sam" in the "name" field of a form, FeelMobi automatically fills the appropriate fields with Sam's other data (mobile phone number, address job title, etc.). Having such a feature on a Smartphone of course reduces writing considerably, especially since a lot of data is entered repeatedly or can already be found on the mobile device (Mobile Outlook Contacts, for example).

Moreover, one can also create custom wordlists. This can be done manually by writing or typing the list, or automatically by letting the software compile lists from Contacts or importing existing lists from external software such as MS Access, Goldmine, etc.).

These lists pop up when a corresponding field is tapped. For example, while booking a flight online while using, say, a T-Mobile MDA, it's only necessary to tap the "To" field to pop up a list of destinations from which to select. The same is done to fill the "From" field, making the process fast and convenient. So, instead of writing or typing an airport name or code, the information can be entered with two quick taps of the stylus. For keyboard-only devices, one can navigate as normal to the field, then use the down-arrow key to open the FeelMobi wordlist and select the desired text.

Mobile Internet

Issue number 2 is the so-called "mobile Internet": Some web sites, like Google.com, have been designed to detect mobile devices and reconfigure their web pages to look good on the smaller displays. Unfortunately, most web sites do not have such technology, and the contents of their pages appear out of order, crowded, or skewed.

The second feature of FeelMobi, "Resize", is an Add-on for Mobile Internet Explorer which analyzes web pages and scales them to fit the smaller screen of a Smartphone, letting any web site be viewed and navigated easily on mobile devices. Resize detects important features of web pages, such as forms, and displays them more prominently.

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