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The high-end solution for your mobile sales force
Companies find cost reduction potentials in their own processes and in the tighter integration of all sales channels, e.g. online direct marketing, mobile employees, call center and independent brokers. Particularly companies focus on lean processes in administration and conclusion of a deal. A second factor is the increase of customer satisfaction. This requires competent consulting at the customer site. The agent is able to commit oneself to the customer's desires. Ideally the digitally available proposals can be filled on-screen at the customers site and can also be signed in a legally binding way.

Online- and offline-functionalities
The X-PoSS-Solution (eXtended Point of Sales Solution) offers online and offline access to data of the central system. Working online the forms and data are obtained from the central system and completed contracts, orders or deals are sent directly to the central office. If the agent works offline, the data can be synchronized with the central office later. Using the direct connection to the head office the agent can consult competently, being constantly aware of current products and conditions. With the easy and rapid access to all customer-specific data the agent can offer alternative products and meet the specific desires of the customer.

Flexible input possibilities
The smart form can be filled using a laptop with a keyboard, by hand using a Tablet PC, or with a Digital Pad.

Search possibilities
Search algorithms make fast location of data and documents possible, e.g. customer contacts and order, maintenance or insurance forms.

Tariff calculation
A tariff calculation can be done directly from the smart form. E.g. insurance tariffs can be calculated very fast, using a flexible and uninterrupted consulting process.

Improved quality
Quality and completeness can be improved due to mandatory fields and plausibility checks.

Digital legally binding signature
The customer signs the claim on the Tablet PC or on a Signature Capture Device. The signature is saved in unalterable PDF- and TIFF-Documents. The solution fulfills the high requirements of the Signature law of the European Union Guideline according to the Advanced Electronic Signature.

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