November, 2008


Manage, share, fill and edit your documents online using MobileSmartForm, a web based software.

May, 2008

Fill&Sign, Electronic Signature software

Design Universe Fill&Sign makes it possible to digitally sign PDFs or any other documents on a Tablet PC or a signature pad.

December, 2007

Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, whether with touch screen (HTC) or QWERTY keyboard (Palm Treo), are equally affected. Feelmobi, Mobile Phones

For most business people today, Smartphones are essential tools without which they could not survive. Among other things, Smartphones enable them to carry much more data (contacts, appointments, presentations, etc.), access their company's database, surf the Internet, and, most importantly, send and receive emails while travelling.

October 25, 2006

Manage, share, fill and edit your documents online using MobileSmartForm, a web based software.

MobileSmartForm allows secure collaborations, communication and sharing of information among multiple parties. Bottom line focus is leading more organizations to streamline operations. Also, more employees are telecommuting or working off-site.

October 03, 2006

How often do you find yourself sitting in a meeting, writing your notes on paper, then having to retype the data into your PC afterwards?

AtMyMeeting is the perfect solution to organize your meetings effectively. Plan everything, from preparing for the meeting, e.g. inviting attendees and planning your travel, to post-meeting tasks, e.g. following up with clients and scheduling important to-do’s.

June, 2006

Specials for Partners who use Tablet PC

Design Universe releasing Project Roadmap to help individuals and enterprises make data acquisition and data processing fast and low-cost. Tablet PC software designed specifically for the busy traveler. Look up your maps, connect you to your Airline’s website and organize your notes, appointments, meetings, tasks, contacts, emails and travel information based on a form using natural handwriting and handwriting recognition. Data can be stored in a local database or web-server and synchronized with Microsoft Outlook.

January, 2006

Design Universe released a powerful new online/offline tool for mobile sales people called eXtended Point Of Sales Solution (X-Poss).

X-Poss, you can process sales orders and smart forms directly at a customer’s site, secure captured legal signatures, and send all captured handwriting and text directly to a central database.
August, 2005

Design Universe Corporation is the worldwide market leader in electronic form software products. New alliances of their E-pen&Forms family products with Anoto, Logitech, Nokia, and HP were formed.

The solution enables companies that use electronic pens to essentially reduce cost and time of their business processes. Using Anoto, Hitachi Maxell or Nokia device you can fill your forms out with handwriting, transmit into E-Pen&Forms software via Bluetooth, convert them to text and export the data to any database or other applications in seconds. No time or data is lost.

The solution is developed to customer specifications and designed for users who need a combination of mobility, easy of use, and connectivity with their databases and servers.
April, 2005

Design Universe Releases Pen-Enabled Design Tool, E-Pen & CAD.
Design Universe leads the way with a new application for architects and engineers. Combining natural handwriting input of the Tablet PC with the power of E-Pen & CAD makes it like having your entire drafting table in your brief case!
March, 2005

The breakthrough in acquisition of insurance contracts.
The I-PoSS (Insurance Point of Sales Solution) has been released by Design Unverse in partnership with Cisco Systems, Intel, Computacenter and Step Over companies. The solution offers new revolutionary way for the acquisition of insurance contracts: online- and offline-functionalities, flexible input possibilities, search possibilities, easy tariff calculation, improved quality, digital legally binding signature.
April, 2004

The Tablet PC challenge Award goes to Design Universe with
E-Pen&Forms Builder

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