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solutions for Insurance Companies Design Universe launches solutions for Insurance Companies and EUROPEAN and GERMAN Markets.
learn more about MobileSmartForm Mobile Smart Form - work with your documents online using innovative, web based software.
Save time and resources with Design Universe innovative signature tool.
learn more about XPOSS eXtended Point Of Sales Solution (XPOSS) - a powerful new online/offline tool for mobile sales people.
New E-Pen&Expo Design Universe Releasing Pen-Friendly Expo Lead Generation Tool.
Solutions and products

Securely Sign Any Document with a digital signature (electronic signature). Design Universe Fill&Sign works like a printer, letting you sign any document on your Mobile PC. Simply open the document, print to Fill&Sign, and sign! You can also add security and save as PDF for safe transmission and archiving.

Do you find it difficult to fill web pages on your mobile phone with the stylus or the tiny, built-in keyboard? Does your mobile device have problems properly displaying web pages?
If you answered "YES" to either of these questions, the amazing new software, FeelMobi from Design Universe is the right tool for you!

Online group collaboration software DocsBuilder - DocsBuilder is a tool that allows you to create, share and publish all your documents, forms and spreadsheets as interactive web applications. DocsBuilder makes business process management easy.
 www.docsbuilder.com Learn more... 

Design Universe provides data management solutions using digital pads, electronic forms and innovative web applications.

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